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BBQ Pork Loin

Published: 2023-10-16 07:55:32 +0000
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Every now and then, in winter, you plan a roast dinner only to have an unexpectedly sunny day - on those days, I quite like to cook the joint on the barbecue instead.

When cooking a large joint of meat on the barbecue, the aim is to try and avoid direct heat: the joint should be placed over an inactive burner. This is so that it doesn't dry out so quickly - however it also mean that you'll need to make sure you have a suitable drip tray to catch the fat run-off.

Once cooked, the meat can be served with the normal roast trimmings, or with something like air-fried new potatoes and salad

Cooking Time

Prep: 15 mins
Cooking: 180 mins
Total: 195 mins




  • Pork loin or Shoulder


  1. If you're using a dry seasoning rub, apply that at least a few hours before.
  2. Light all burners on the barbecue and leave the lid down to preheat to around 200c
  3. Once up to temperature, turn off the central burners (if it's a two burner BBQ, turn one off)
  4. Place the meat over the inactive burner(s) and close the lid
  5. Avoid opening the lid too regularly and try to keep the temperature between 160c and 200c
  6. Cook time is similar to roasting in the oven: 35 minutes per 500g, plus an additional 35 mins
  7. At the end of the time, either cut in half, or use a meat thermometer (you want at least 75c in the middle) to check the meat is properly cooked
  8. Turn the central burner back on and roll the meat around a bit to brown all sides
  9. Move the meat to a plate, cover with foil, and allow to rest for 15 minutes before serving


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