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Roast Lamb Cooking Times

Published: 2022-04-16 07:27:01 +0000
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Cooking time is calculated based on the weight of the lamb cut, as well as whether you want the meat to be medium or well done.

Plan to allow the joint to sit, covered, for 15-20 minutes before carving - it allows the juices to retreat back into the meat, giving a much moister cut

Cooking Time

Prep: mins
Cooking: mins
Total: 0 mins




  1. Let the lamb sit on the side for at least 20 minutes to come up to room temperature
  2. Grind pepper and rosemary over the top
  3. Heat the oven to 220c
  4. Put the joint into a roasting tray
  5. Roast the joint for 20 minutes
  6. Reduce the temperature to 180c for the remaining time
  7. Calculate the remaining time as
    • - Boned leg: (medium) 25 mins per 500g, plus 5 mins, (well done) 30 mins per 500g, plus 10 mins
    • - Boneless leg: 30 mins per 500g, plus 10 mins
    • - Boned shoulder: 50 mins per 500g, plus 10 mins
    • - Boneless shoulder: reduce temp to 180c, cook for 40 mins per 500g, plus 20 mins
  8. Plan to baste the lamb 3 or 4 times during cooking to help keep the meat moist.


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