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Seasoning cast-iron cookware

Published: 2020-11-19 15:05:17 +0000
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Cast iron pans are awesome, but they need a little bit of maintenance - including being given a seasoning when you first get them (or, if they've accidentally been washed with soap, after a good derusting and warming).

The process of seasoning a pan is pretty straightforward, the only thing you need to watch is to adjust the oven temperature based on the smoke point of the type of oil you're using - you should then round up to the nearest 5c

This gives the following list of temperatures:

  • Extra virgin olive oil: 210c
  • Virgin olive oil: 215c
  • Refined olive oil: 205c (will vary wildly)
  • Sunflower Oil: 235c
  • Vegetable Oil: 205c

Don't use coconut oil, lard, butter etc for this - you'll either get a seasoning that'll turn rancid without regular use, or a very burnt taste due to dairy/pulp solid traces/

This process can also be used for Woks, just be sure to remove any wooden/bamboo handles first

Cooking Time

Prep: 5 mins
Cooking: 75 mins
Total: 80 mins




  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Kitchen Paper


Set the oven preheating to 210c (for extra virgin olive oil)

If your pan is rusty or has food bits stuck to it:

  • give it a soak in hot soapy water, and then use a brush/brillo pad to remove all unwanted particles/sticky crud - don't use steel wool unless you're happy to take all existing seasoning off
  • Wipe the pan down with a towel to dry it
  • Then put on a hob over a medium heat and let all the mousture evapourate - get it really, really hot (cast iron is porous and will trap moisture)
  • Be careful on the next steps so that you don't burn yourself

Now we need to start oiling the pan

  1. Drop 1/2 tbsp of oil into the pan
  2. use a paper towel to rub it evenly across the pan. Keep rubbing until the pan doesn't look greasy (if it looks greasy, then you'll end up with a sticky finish, which you don't want)
  3. Flip the pan, add more oil and coat that side, again rubbing and buffing until it no longer looks greasy
  4. Roll some baking foil across a baking tray
  5. Place the pan upside down on the baking tray
  6. Place into the oven and bake for 50-60 mins
  7. Once the time's elapsed, turn off the oven, but do not open the oven door
  8. Leave for at least another 15 mins
  9. Remove and allow to cool completely

You can repeat this process again if you want the insurance of additional layers

Pan Maintenance:

  • Use plenty of oil/fat when cooking to minise the chances of food sticking
  • When cleaning a pan after cooking, don't use soap or abrasive scrubbers. Use a soft sponge and water - if you need to remove residue then use a handful of rock salt to provide an abrasive
  • After cleaning, wipe dry with a towel, and then put on the hob over a medium heat to remove any remaining moisture. If the pan looks a bit dull, rub about 1/2 tsp of oil in while the pan is still hot


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