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Shocking Sunrise

Published: 2019-05-09 16:57:29 +0000
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After getting home from a gig late one night, we proceeded to drink the contents of my spirits shelf. Having finally settled on Tequila sunrises, we ran out of Grenadine, and this drink was born!

Cooking Time

Prep: 2 mins
Cooking: mins
Total: 2 mins




  • Tequila
  • Red Aftershock
  • Orange Juice


  1. Pour 35 - 70ml of tequila in the bottom of a highball
  2. Fill to 3/4 full with orange juice
  3. Carefully pour red Aftershock down the inside of the glass and let it settle on the bottom
  4. Drink through a straw cut to 3/4 the length of the glass

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